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How to Make Money Blogging on Internet

Starting A Blog Business-Next Steps

In "Starting A Blog Business-The First Steps" we discussed the beginning steps of starting a Blog for fun and profit. We have covered the areas of research, choosing a topic, domain name and hosting. If you have completed these steps and settled on your domain name and hosting company, you will probably be installing WordPress on your site. The following discussion will be based on the assumption that you have WordPress installed on your site.

WordPress has a theme that installs with it. You may well be happy with this theme and use it. However, you have the option of searching for a different theme, both free and purchased, that you may feel fits your style better. You simply upload and activate it.

Once your site is installed you will need to download and install the plug-ins you will want to use. Go to WordPress.org and register. It's free. There you will find a selection of over 22,000 free plug-ins available for you to download. You can sort by popularity etc. Choose carefully. An initial suggested selection would be:

Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer
Platinum SEO Pack
WP Insert
Google Sitemap Generator
Pretty Link
Cbnet Ping Optimizer
You are able to read about and download the plug-ins at the WordPress site.

Blog Posting

Now it is time to start writing your articles and/or posts. Make the content of these posts fresh and of value to the viewer.

It has been shown that you should start with a minimum of one or two initial posts and add a new post at least once or twice per week. Frequent Blogging will help improve your search engine ranking and help bring visitors. After all bringing visitors to your site is the point.

You don't have to write a thousand words every time you post, simply write how you feel or what you know at the time. Most posts run approximately a 250 to 500 word count. If your subject is technical, you should include such things as tips, techniques and the latest news on your subject.

Do some research and find a couple of forums that pertain to the topic of your Blog. Join the forums and post frequent comments. Make sure these comments are useful and helpful to the forum readers. If you are truly helpful, the readers will slowly start coming to your site and following your Blog. The quantity of followers on your Blog provides the amount of potential for your revenue.

Monetizing Your Blog

Your reason for starting a Blog business is to generate income. You should begin this process after Blogging for 3 to 4 weeks. Making money is accomplished through several means. Marketing e-Books, instructional videos and other downloadable products will generate income by using banners and text ads if the material is applicable to your Blog.

However, one of the most prevalent means is the use of AdSense. This is a very simple method to implement. Simply Google for the keyword AdSense and sign up for an account. You will then generate a code to be inserted into your site.

You can insert the ads through the use of widgets or even better use a free plug-in named WP-Insert. This plug-in gives you much greater control over ad placement. A simple word of caution here, do not overwhelm your Blog by displaying too many ads.

Starting A Blog Business Conclusion:

Blogging for business can be fun, lucrative and informative to others. It can also be frustrating if not operated correctly. In this series we have discussed such topics as research, domain naming, hosting, monetizing and day-to-day operations. In the next article in this series we will discuss SEO optimization of pages, posts and your site in general terms.

At this point I would urge those of you interested to do your due diligence, get your creative juices following and get busy starting your Blog business.
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Tips For Successful Blogging Business

Starting an online business can be exciting but also very daunting and it is far too easy to get sidetracked and end up never achieving anything because of constantly getting distracted.

Experienced successful people that are in the internet marketing business will have several different aspects to their business, all contributing to their income. However when you first start it is too much to try to be successful with all the different ways of making money online at the same time. So you need to pick one method and stick with it to make sure you do it properly. Other methods can wait until you have mastered what you decide to start with.

There are several methods you can pick for your initial online business such as list building, affiliate marketing, selling products from eBay either digital or physical, and many more, as you browse the web you will be inundated with different ideas and schemes.

This series of articles is going to concentrate on one popular method which is building and monetising blogs in niche markets. Now blogs can also be used with list building and certainly once you have successfully got your blog attracting traffic then it is possible to experiment with having an email list as well though this can sometimes detract from commission sales of products advertised on your blog and will also take more time to do correctly, so it depends what your blog is aimed at. With a blogging business aimed at niche markets with the aim of attracting buyers searching for particular products then it may not be appropriate to have an email list on the site.

This series of articles will be broken down into the following topics:

Picking a niche market
Finding a product to advertise which you can pick up commission from
Finding keywords and picking a domain name
Building your WordPress blog
Initial content for your blog
Some SEO tips for your blog and blog posts
Registering your blog with Google, Yahoo and Bing
Marketing your blog
Keeping your blog fresh and building it's ranking
All the articles will have a description of how to go ahead doing everything yourself or using free tools such as Google keyword tool etc, plus a brief overview of the paid tools I use to automate my blogging business and free up time. Paid tools are only useful if you are short of time or if you can do something better in that time. What you will need to do as time goes on is decide based on any income you start getting whether certain tasks are better outsourced or whether a particular automation tool will save you enough time to be worth it's cost. These decisions will be personal but by letting you know what tools are available and their cost it will give you a better idea what is possible.

With any online business or any other business for that matter, if a business starts doing well then a point will come when the owner of the business has to decide whether to outsource (taking on an employee, hiring a contractor, paying for a piece of equipment or software to save time etc) and paid software tools for your blogging business or any other internet marketing business are exactly the same, to be bought and used when it will make the business more efficient.
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